Videos to teach daily living skills

A hands-off resource for BCBAs, special educators, and parents of individuals with disabilities.

We provide animated video-models for a variety of daily living skills including menstrual care, hand washing, wiping, and more.

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Our Mission

Pickle System's mission is to improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities through providing a personal, accessible, and hands-off resource utilizing video models, image-based content, and evidence-based guidance.

The Pickle Difference

More than just a fun name, Pickle System is a Personalized Image-based Content Knowledge and Life Education System.

Our methodology is backed by prior research and we are consistently researching the effectiveness of our video-models.

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What We Offer

Visual Aids

Step-by-step Visual-aid Print Outs Mirroring the Video Models

Video Models

Step-by-step Animated Videos Teaching Daily Living Skills

Data Collection

Digital Data Entry with Printable Data Collection Sheets

Daily Tracking

Charts and Graphs to Track Progress Over Time

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Connectivity Amongst Parents, Teachers, and Behavioral Analysts

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Training and Support Provided for Pickle Systems Users

Why Did We Create
Pickle System?

When our co-founder Molly was in 5th grade, she taught a classmate how to play balloon hockey in P.E. class. Learning this new skill created social opportunities for him, increased his independence in P.E., and overall improved his quality of life. Pickle System is a tool to help people learn these crucial skills.

How to Use Pickle System

1. Create Profile

2. Watch Videos

3. Record Responses

4. Track Progress

5. Learn Life Skills

"I'm constantly pausing video models for clients to follow. The 3-seconds is a perfect amount of time between steps."


“This has not only helped my daughter, but also relieved so much stress for me knowing that she can now complete her own menstrual care.”

- Parent

"This really helps me learn. I'm a visual learner and it really helps that I can pause and rewatch certain steps."

- Pickle User

"So many parents are going to jump for joy!"


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