About Pickle System

Pickle System's mission is to improve the lives of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities through providing a personal, accessible, and hands-off resource utilizing video models, image-based content, and evidence-based guidance.

Acquisition, maintenance and generalization of daily living skills may increase independence, quality of life, employment outcomes, and post-school education opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Daily living skills are comprised into three domains:
Personal Care
Dressing, Eating, and Personal Hygiene
Cooking and Cleaning
Time and Money Management

Backed by a 3-Second Video Response Methodology

Video-prompting is a type of instruction that breaks down a skill into steps. After viewing each step, the skill is performed by the individual. Our 3-second pause allows participants enough time to complete the step or for the teacher/parent to pause the video at the step until it is completed.
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Utilized 3-second video-prompting to teach a daily living skill. This 3-second prompt allowed the teacher to pause the video if needed allowing time to prompt the individual or correct any missed or incorrect steps. Utilized a first-person point-of-view. No verbal instructions, prompting, or feedback. All participants acquired the skill with this methodology (Grab & Belfiore, 2016)
Intervention consisted of video-models with verbal video-prompting. Had a 3 second pause to allow participants to initiate the skill before the teacher prompted completion of a daily living skill. All participants increased their skills with this method (Mechling & Gustafson, 2008).
Compared video-prompting to video-modeling. Found that video-prompting may lead to faster acquisition of skills than video-modeling, especially for longer and more complex tasks (Kellems et al., 2016).

Who We Are

Molly Oshinski M.Ed., BCBA, LBA

Co-Founder and CEO
Molly is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Behavior Analyst in Texas, she is currently pursuing her PhD at The University of Texas at Austin in the special education department. Her research has focused on teaching intimate hygiene skills (i.e., menstrual care, wiping, showering) using video-models. Molly received her Masters of Education from The University of Texas at Austin and B.S. in psychology from Fordham University. She is the owner of Oshinski Behavior Therapy and Consulting LLC which provides behavior therapy to individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. In her free time she enjoys cooking, exercising, and playing volleyball.

Morgan Marquez M.S.

Co-Founder and COO
Morgan is a Data & Analytics Program Manager. Morgan received her M.S. in Data Analytics from Rockhurst University and her B.B.A. in Marketing and Economics from Kansas State University. Her eight years of career experience has been focused on uniting business objectives with data, analytics, technology, and automation. Morgan enjoys playing golf with her husband, traveling, and going on long walks with her golden-doodle, Calvin.

Zachary Thomsen

Animation Director
Zachary is in his final year of his bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas at Austin in Art and Entertainment Technology. He has experience in creating 3D and 2D animation, illustration, level design, and UI/UX. He is fluent in several industry standard software including Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Unity, Maya, and Ableton. For Pickle Systems, he animates, colors, and edits all of our standardized video-models. He enjoys playing video-games, drawing, writing music, and kayaking.

"Learning this new skill created social opportunities and  improved his quality of life."

When our co-founder Molly was in 5th grade, she taught a classmate how to play balloon hockey in P.E. class. Learning this new skill created social opportunities for him, increased his independence in P.E., and overall improved his quality of life. This experience shaped Molly's whole career path and when she recognized that there was not a system to teach various daily living skills, she wanted to create it. Pickle System is a tool to help people learn these crucial skills.